4 Scenarios That Probably Require a Locksmith

auto locksmithAlmost everyone in the U.S. has a car. In fact, only 8.7% of households do not have a vehicle, based on data from 2016. While this allows many Americans to travel wherever and whenever they please, it also makes car troubles a common problem throughout the country. Every day, cars breakdown, don’t start, or encounter some issue that has to be remedied.

One of the most preventable but frustrating car trouble scenarios is when something happens to your car keys. Whenever key-related problems occur, you might have to consider finding an auto locksmith. Below are some typical scenarios where you might need an auto locksmith to get back in your car and back on the road:

You Locked Your Keys In The Car

Locking your keys inside your car can be extremely annoying. It is also the most frequent reason that people require a locksmith. Calling a locksmith to replace your locked-in keys is sometimes the only option you have, besides breaking the window, in order to get into your car. Although it may take more time, replacing the locked-in key is much cheaper than replacing a window and is well worth the effort.

You Lost Your Car Keys

Everyone has been in a situation where they have a lost key fob and had to desperately search for it all over their house, garage, or workplace. If you still can’t find your keys after extensive searching, then it might be time to call your local locksmith. Some areas even have a mobile automotive locksmith that can come right to your door with new keys in hand.

Your Car Lock Is Defective

A car lock can become malformed or broken due to blunt trauma or even just through extensive use. When this occurs, calling a locksmith to evaluate the damage is necessary to determine if you need to replace the lock, replace the key, or replace both.

Your Key Is Broken

Although this doesn’t happen much with a typical metal car key, a new key fob or other electronic keys can easily break. Consulting a locksmith when this occurs can give you a good idea if you should just buy a new key, or if key fob programming will fix the problem.

Car issues can happen to any car at any time. For key and lock-related issues, be sure to know a good auto locksmith in the area to fix your current keys, or make you some new ones. For more information, give us a call at MetroLock today!

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