Locked the Keys in the Car? Here’s What to Do

Nearly 25% of all Americans misplace their car keys twice a week, and according to AAA, four million people lock their keys in their car every year. While losing your keys behind the couch is frustrating enough, locking the keys in your car can cause any driver to go into a mild panic.


Whether you’re locked out of your car at home, at the grocery store, or at the airport, stay calm, and use the following auto locksmith’s tips to reunite with your lost key fob.


Step One: Consider the Situation Carefully

Before you make any decisions, be sure to carefully evaluate the situation. Examine your surroundings to make sure you are safe. If you’re on a busy roadside, caught in bad weather, or lost, get to a safe place indoors before making any further decisions. If you can stay by the vehicle, start checking other doors, the trunk, and the windows for a point of entry. Whatever you do, don’t break into your vehicle! Trying to crack a window or a door will only lead to further car problems.

Step Two: Find Some Help

Once you’ve safely determined that you can’t access your key, it’s time to start looking for assistance. First, if you know you have a spare key somewhere else, try calling a friend or family member to bring it to you. If you’re near a gas station or mechanic during business hours, try asking an associate for assistance, since these establishments often have tools for retrieving keys. If neither of these options are available, get to a phone and call an emergency roadside service like AAA or a mobile automotive locksmith who can unlock your car for a small fee.

Step Three: Wait in a Safe Place

While assistance is on the way, find somewhere safe to wait. Try to keep your car within view, but get indoors or away from a busy street if possible. Getting away from roadways is especially important if you have children by your side.

Prevention Tips

Though mistakes happen, take a few precautions so that you don’t lock your keys in the car again. Consider purchasing a new key fob from a mobile automotive locksmith to use as a spare. Make it a habit to leave keys in the car. Finally, consider keyless entry methods to never be locked out again. Safe travels!

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