3 Automotive Gifts for Your Most Practical Friends

As the holidays approach, families all over the U.S. hit stores and websites looking for the perfect gifts. While shopping for some individuals can be a breeze, others are more difficult to buy for. What do you buy for the content, practical person who has everything they need?

When in doubt, useful and simple gifts dazzle even the most difficult people. Since only 8.7% of U.S. households did not have a vehicle in 2016, chances are, that person you’re struggling to find a gift for drives a car. For practical, fail-proof gifting, consider buying car accessories for the toughest people on your list.

Here are a few useful, simple, and dare we say it, fun car gifts for that stubborn need-nothing on your list:


A New Key Fob

Buying a new key fob for your friend or partner is a surprisingly great way to show them you care. New key fob programming can coordinate with nearly any vehicle, making their ride safer than ever. For the busy professional or tech nerd in your life, consider keyless entry remotes that ramp up their car’s security with hands-free unlocking. Your friend will silently thank you every time they need to enter their car with an armload of groceries, the dog pulling on a leash, or when they’ve got a cup of coffee in each hand. Try planning a time to take their car to the auto locksmith while they’re out, or try having the locksmith come to you with mobile automotive locksmith services.


A Key Finder

Does your loved one always manage to lose their keys? Or, are they someone that constantly worries about losing their keys, even if they rarely misplace them? Ease your friend’s mind and simplify their search with a mobile key finder. Once the small locator is attached to their key ring, your friend can use a GPS smart phone app to figure out where they’ve left their keys.


The Gift of A Gift Card

For the truly hard-to-please car enthusiast, consider the gift of a paid bill. Gas cards or gift cards to automotive shops are both easy and failproof options. You could also pre-pay for their toll road expenses, or even buy them a year’s membership to AAA. With automotive gifts like these, you’ll never have to worry about your friend getting stranded without gas or access to a tow truck.

Though car-related gifts can seem impersonal, these presents actually show how much you care for your loved one’s safety. Ensure your friend is never left on side of the road or locked out of their car with these practical automotive gifts.

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