Managing The Inconvenience And Potential Danger Of A Lost Key Fob

We tend to look at most technological advances in our everyday lives as parts of us, forgetting what life was like before Alexa, your smartphone, and remote car starter (just to list a few). Then when one of those things goes missing, breaks, or is otherwise unable to be used, we sit aghast at how we’d lived without such convenience before.

Among those inconveniences is the lost key fob. Once upon a time, when regular keys opened car doors and turned in ignitions, keys didn’t get lost as easily. They were often attached to numerous others, jingled merrily on a keyring, and were a little bulkier than their modern counterparts. A lost key fob to your new vehicle is a little more inconvenient and dangerous than you might think. Let’s look at some reasons to keep better tabs on it.


New key fob programming and replacement can cost anywhere from $200 to $400, while traditional keys cost somewhere between $3 and $10. That’s a hefty tab for misplacing a smart key. Of course, it’s usually after you’ve purchased a new one that the lost key fob suddenly reappears. Furthermore, without it (or a spare) you’ll need a mobile automotive locksmith to get you into your car on top of the expense of new auto key programming.


A lost key fob for modern vehicles doesn’t merely mean anyone can get into your car. New smart technology allows anyone who carries it to both enter and operate the vehicle. Car theft is a much more expensive alternative to replacing a lost key fob. If you’ve lost it and cannot find it in a reasonable amount of time, get a new one programmed right away and shut down any possibility of your vehicle being burgled or stolen.


Jumping off the security point, lots of people have children who like to get their sticky fingers on things with buttons. A lost key fob is no exception, except a curious child who has seen you use it before might try to imitate what you do. God forbid you have a runaway child in your brand new BMW because you lost your key fob and they wanted to try it out.

With great convenience comes a different type of vigilance. Modern key fobs are smaller, easier to misplace, and can do a whole lot more than old-school keys. Keep them secure and you won’t be bothered by the dangers or inconveniences that come with haphazardly handling modern tech.

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